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Why You Should leave Things (out of your control) as They are

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go." - Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philosopher and founder of Taoism.

You keep on trying to change that thing. As you work harder and harder to try to guide that thing to the desired outcome, it gets farther and farther from your reach.

While you strive with full effort and might, this thing you so desperately desire to happen as you'd like it to happen, does not happen at all.

It's as if the more we try, the more things already out of our control get even more out of our control.

Why is it that we refuse to accept the fact that things out of our control are simply not worth trying to control? Whether it be your mom who has Alzheimer's, your best friend who left you, a bad professor for a semester, or even someone just bumped into you and spilled coffee all over your fresh outfit, these are all ultimately out of our control.

The outcomes of these events are not directly associated with what we do, therefore, leave them as they are.

As tough as it may be, we cannot change every negative thing that happens in our lives, or even in the whole world for that matter. Children are dying in Yemen. Syria's civil war has surpassed a decade with no end in sight. Palestine is still under occupation that that the world turns a blind eye to. Afghanistan is on the brink of complete economic disaster. Drugs are everywhere in schools in the United States. Shootings are rampant. Relationships fail all around us. Ignorance is in everyone you see. The world is in chaos, so depression is a given.

Wrong. Completely wrong. Depression and defeat are not an option. And I'll tell you why.

Life has never been a walk in the park, that's true. Bad things happen. They happen all the time. But in no way does that mean that you let go of things outside of your control in an acceptance of defeat. You let go of things outside of your control because you have too many things inside of your control.

While the world is in turmoil, use everything inside your control to make it a little bit better: you. There are daily tasks to get done, and a mind, body, and soul of yours ready to be cured of this world's chaos.

While everyone else seeks to be the goody-two shoes and change everything out of their control, be the wise one. Be that one individual who focuses on themselves and everything in their control.

People will fight, leave each other over stupid reasons, and then regret it. Suicides will still occur, and depression will be a never-ending plague, but they are all out of your control.

When you leave things as they are, you're able to work on yourself. You'll be able to work on everything in your control. And little by little, when you work on yourself, you've just made one more person richer, happier, healthier, and more righteous: yourself.

Let me tell you something that is one of the truest things you will ever read: Once you work on yourself and manifest positivity, others will work on themselves and manifest their own positivity.

Let things go, and they will ultimately get better. Let things go, for you will finally get the chance to make the world a better place by starting with yourself, the only thing in your control.

The Law of Attraction is inevitable under these circumstances. When one decides enough is enough, better things are yet to come. When one decides to focus on what is in their control, the future of the world becomes brighter.

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Mar 02, 2022



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Mar 02, 2022


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