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What can One Person Do?

What if, just what if, someone witnessing the horror of Gaza online told themselves individually, "what can one person do? What can I do to try to change the situation of Palestinians? What can I do that will help me go to sleep at night knowing I did what was in my power to help?"

This is exactly what happened.

And so, one of the only things an individual from the United States, (or the West more broadly) can do is to reshare videos coming out of the Gaza Strip, even if in the back of their minds they think doing so is insignificant.

We've seen the videos I'm talking about. They've probably flooded your social media feed.

But if you were thinking like me, and I'll be completely honest about this: I thought it was insignificant. I thought that just like all the other times Israel 'mows the lawn' in Gaza, there would be no public outcry or momentum shift in the Palestine-Israeli Conflict.

This time, however, was different. This time showed a global shift towards the Palestinian side in ways that haven't been since the conflict began over 75 years ago.

Our individual reshares and posts about the plight of Palestinians have shaken up the world, specifically the so-called 'establishment', politicians who have tried to keep the status quo for as long as possible.

Whether we would post about how Israelis bar Palestinian Muslims from going to the third holiest site of Islam (located in Jerusalem), abuse Palestinian Christian clergy, and vandalize churches as Israel's far-right government turns a blind eye.

I'd also post about how Israel desecrates Palestinian graves, how Palestinians have to go through security checkpoints (oftentimes they are forced to be stripped naked), or how Israel violates international law when waging a war against the Palestinian group Hamas by obliterating homes, places of worship, hospitals, schools, and refugee camps, not to mention the imprisonment of Palestinians without due process.

As a cherry on top, I'd even post about Israeli soldiers shooting and killing unarmed Palestinians regardless of age, condition, or gender, all for the fun of it.

Before the horrible acts of Oct. 7, mega newspapers in the West, such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times would only explain how this treatment of Palestinians is an unfortunate part of warfare, ignoring how Palestinians are mistreated the same way during peacetime.

Outlets such as CNN and BBC have not been immune to this ridiculously Israel-skewed bias.

This time, however, these major news media outlets have uncovered what they hid for so long. We now see the headlines about Israel breaching international law that is being shown at massive scales for the first time.

Why though? Why has the tide turned in the Palestinian's favor for the first time?

It's because of the never-ending domino effect of social media.

When that Palestinian reshared a video of an Israeli soldier killing a Palestinian woman, for example, some people ignored it, and others reshared it out of mere humanity.

The Palestinian then saw another video and reshared it, and the same thing happened: some ignored and some reshared it.

The content in these videos became more horrific, showing Palestinian men being stripped of their clothes, for example, Israeli airstrikes on refugee camps, or even an ambulance in Gaza being destroyed with dozens of people killed around it.

Then the numbers came in, and the Palestinian number of deaths became increasingly larger by the day, compared to Israel's 1,400 deaths on Oct. 7, lowered to 1,200.

100, 200, 1000, 3000, 5,000, 15,000... the Palestinian number kept climbing.

More people who supported Israel's right to self-defense questioned the proportionality of the deaths, concluding that something wasn't right with the numbers.

"Why are so many Palestinians getting killed when only 1,200 Israelis were killed on Oct. 7?" they'd ask themselves.

Major media outlets like those mentioned above shied away from reporting on the causation of all the Palestinian casualties.

But it did not discourage young Palestinians from sharing daily. As each day passed, the Palestinians only reshared more content, and slowly but surely, people who ignored those posts in the first weeks following Oct. 7, began to reshare content. They could not stand idly by as they saw other human beings treated like cannon fodder.

Suddenly, people took to the streets and organized protests demanding a ceasefire. and for the first time, these mass protests weren't organized by Arabs or Muslims, but instead, by those non-Arabs and non-Muslims who began resharing that content.

Jewish groups, human rights groups, and political groups that have nothing to do with Arabs or Muslims were those who organized these protests, and they simply would not stop.

Jewish groups interrupted countless political rallies in the US saying that Israel, the so-called "Jewish State" of Israel does not represent them, nor Judaism as a whole.

These Jews even went so far as to place themselves in areas that caused their arrests. Take for example, the few times Jewish Voice for Peace organized protests to be held inside the United States Capitol Building!

Most of them were arrested but for a cause fueled by being exposed to the videos of inhumanity that people like you and I shared on social media.

And because these events became more numerous, the major news media outlets were forced to report on the videos we reshared in the name of proper journalism.

More governments in the world demanded a ceasefire and that the Palestinian death toll stops, even governments who have their unequivocal support to Israel when the war began.

All it took was many individuals to do what was in their power to help alleviate Palestinian suffering.

And now, for the first time in history, those videos we reshared were shown in the most powerful court in the world, the International Court of Justice, in a case of genocide against Israel, levied by South Africa.

The ICJ voted in an overwhelming majority that there is enough "plausible" evidence to show that Israel is committing acts of genocide in Gaza, thus the case must continue.

This court case will go on for years to see whether or not the Israeli Government truly intended on genocide, however, it has cemented a negative image on Israel in ways that no one prior to Oct. 7 would have believed to be possible.

Just this week even, the first time a sitting U.S. President is sued for complicity in genocide happened in Oakland, California, in which the members of the court heard testimonies by Palestinian plaintiffs not only in the U.S. but in the West Bank and Gaza regarding their abhorrent treatment from Israel with the backing of President Joe Biden.

For the governments in the world who were taken completely by surprise by the public opinion change in the United States and the World, wondering how on earth this happened?

It happened because of you and your humanity. You simply reshared something on social media because it was all you could do.

And you did so no matter how meek it seemed to change the situation, all because it was the right thing to do.

And because you did the right thing, you created the spark that could lead to a massive change in global geopolitics in the 21st century.

The world as we knew it before Oct. 7 is not the same world we are in today.

Your responsibility is not to deliver victory. Rather, it is to do the right thing, no matter who or what is against you, no matter how strong or weak you are.

Pursue Alchemy, always.


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