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The bombing left nothing behind

Below is an intense poem which humanizes the deaths of Palestinian civilians amid the destruction of the Gaza Strip by thousands of Israeli airstrikes.

Viewer discretion is advised

A boy watches from a crumbled


As his baby sister suckles her

mother dead.

No shrouds in the rubble can he


The bombing left nothing


A little girl searches for a doll,

Could not find as bombs fall.

A sea of tears she shed,

Holding a dollhouse in shreds.

In the rubble grandma lost her

walking stick,

Few steps she took, then fell on a


A bomb fell on her head,

And she too was dead.

A young photographer clicked his


When in the rubble he saw a

hand flutter.

Suddenly another bomb fell

from the sky,

The young man was left to die.

Rejoice O Humanity!

Today you have died, and

We all have lived!!!


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