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Masjid Al Aqsa is Here to Stay

"The Mosque of Al Aqsa will remain standing till Judgement Day!" - Sultan AbdulHamid II, 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Al Aqsa will remain standing regardless of who breaches its walls and storms its gate.

Regardless of how many Israeli Defense Force personnel breach it, it won't go anywhere.

The IDF can beat its worshippers as they pray. The US Government can keep the narrative as an "all sides" issue of violence.

Al Aqsa will always be defended. It will always remain standing.

On Wednesday, those defenders were its worshippers.

And throughout Al Aqsa's entire existence, it was worshippers.

Al Aqsa's faithful will line up in rows for prayer to be its blessed defenders.

Let the IDF do what they wish. Let them beat worshippers who did no harm to them. Those worshippers are now happy to call themselves defenders of Al Aqsa and became so without striking a blow to Israeli forces.

They used their bodies as human shields against Israeli aggression as they worship within the mosque's blessed walls.

The IDF wishes to erase Al Aqsa from existence, but they will never do so. They will always fail, so long as there are people praying within its walls.

With Al Aqsa, comes Al Aqsa's worshippers. Neither will be stripped from the other. They are intertwined and will never leave each other.

Oh IDF. Do what you wish. Assault, beat, break, and imprison those in Al Aqsa and try to shatter their hearts of hope for Al Aqsa to be free. Go as far as you wish, for regardless of what you do, Al Aqsa will never leave the hearts of its worshippers.

Al Aqsa will always be standing with worshippers filling its rows till Judgement Day!

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