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The Power of Your Intentions

A few nights ago, I jumped on my bed ready to get some shut eye after a lazy day (you need one of those occasionally, but only if you grind most days a week) of doing absolutely nothing, and I realized how so many people have these lazy days more often than not.

Why is the concept of spending days on a couch or hours slouching around indoors seen as "normal"? Look, I know it doesn't seem normal. It shouldn't be. But we all like to think we work hard enough to excuse ourselves to slouch about all day, but we live in a world where all we do is give ourselves excuses.

"Oh, I had a hard day at school, lemme just take this one scoop of ice cream." Or what about "Oh, I know I just started this new diet program, but I just drove past Taco Bell and it looks so good right now with their new special, let me just go there and order some grub. I can start that diet later."

If you're wondering why I chose Taco Bell as an example, it's cause it's not. That second quote is what I say to myself sometimes. This article is first and foremost for myself. Taco Bell is such a weakness (but its so frikken good) for me that my aunt and uncle got me a Taco Bell gift card for my 20th birthday (Crazy ammiright?)

Anyway, back to the whole point I'm writing this.

We are so desensitized as a society by how many excuses we give ourselves. We think we're entitled just because we're ourselves. We think that just because we have our own set of specific problems, we can give ourselves excuses for our not-so-smart actions.

We do this so often that we slouch around and become lousy unintentionally.

We have lost the concept of truly believing in our own existence and that it can make some sort of significance in this magnificent world. We have almost lost any and all intention to become powerful.

Our society does not promote powerful intentions; intentions that make us more sophisticated, more purposeful, and more powerful than we can imagine.

Our society promotes the slouching we are all so accustomed to. There's no grit in any decision-making process whatsoever.

The fact that everyone reading this article can sympathize with me when I say that I've messed up on eating healthy so many times by binging Taco Bell is all the evidence I need to prove my point.

Chances are, you've given yourself excuses too, and too many to count.

While we can never be perfect, we can strive to lessen the excuses we give ourselves to be lazy and careless by renewing our intentions, and realizing the power of decisive decision-making.

You only live once. YOLO. So make it count. Realize that every time you slouch around or to anything carelessly, you've just stripped away some of your grit and inner power. When you develop this into a bad habit, you will slowly stray away from what you see as decisive and purposeful. Whether your vision of a purposeful life is to eat healthy, go after the highest position in your career, or be a community leader, etc, its power given to you will slowly whither away each time you slack off.

Now, I'm not saying you should work hard till you drop dead. I'm saying you should do everything purposeful. Be a manifestation of purpose. Become a beacon of good intentions. Intend on being purposeful. As I briefly mentioned in the beginning of the article, you should have a rest day and be "lazy" for yourself if you work tremendously hard. You should be intending that those rest days will recharge you to go back on the grind. Be so purposeful that your lazy days are purposely intended to be lazy.

You've gotta reach a level of purpose that is so intentional, everything you do has some meaning behind it. There should be some sort of intentional motive behind everything you do. Intend on making everything you do be stepping stones to what you deem as purposeful.

It can be anything. Whatever you see as a life well spent are what your goals in life should revolve around. Have some grit and believe in what you see as purposeful. Make your intentions mean something to you.

Don't be the average Joe that has a 9-5 just so he can pay the bills. Always yearn for something bigger, something more profound, something more powerful.

Never underestimate the power of your intentions. They can make you turn into one powerful individual.

To truly understand what I'm getting at, all you've gotta do is look at people such as David Goggins, Dr. Jordan Peterson, and Mikhaela Peterson. Become like them. Embody the aura of decisive intentions.

Every alchemist understands the power of their intentions.

Alchemy is only achieved through purpose; through intending on achieving it.

Pursue Alchemy.


Unknown member
Apr 01, 2022

WOW ! So Inspirational and Motivational !


Unknown member
Mar 18, 2022

Ur Right !!!! It IS crazy !!!

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