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The Essence of Gratitude

"If you become grateful, verily I will increase you (in blessings)." - 14:7


If there's one word we hear the most out of people older than us or people trying to lecture us on something, the word "Gratitude" always slips in one way or another.

And trust me. Those lectures are annoying and we all can't wait for them to end.

But, for a moment, let's try to look past the lecturing. Ask yourself, "When this individual is telling me to be more grateful, what are they hinting at? How will gratitude improve my life some way?"

For our American readers specifically, we had Thanksgiving not too long ago. It's a day in which we gather with loved ones and cherish what we're grateful for. We all obtain a warm gesture of comfort, joy, and happiness.

What if we had that feeling every day though?

What if we all chose to change our outlook on life's blessings, and made every day of our lives an internal Thanksgiving? What if we were always grateful for what we have?

Think of the moments in your life when you were grateful. You most probably had things going your way, and in general you'd sum up those moments as the good ones in your life.

Those moments are what show us the essence of gratitude, or what gratitude is all about.

It's funny when you think about it, but when you're grateful for what you have , you end up gaining more in your life, and it's usually the things that you secretly aspire to obtain.

Regardless of religion, the verse in the beginning of this article sums it all up. When you become an individual who emits gratitude, your blessings will increase. No one can deny this.

So as we all go back to our daily lives of hustle and bustle, let's remember to be grateful for what we have.

For all the students in school getting ready for finals like myself, let's be grateful for this year. 2020 has been a crazy one (an understatement if you ask me), but hey, you made it this far. Give yourself a pat on the back. Well done.

To sum it all up for you guys, I want to share something I'm grateful for.

I launched The Dreamer's Alchemy in June, and since then, the Board and I have made a lot of progress. We now have readers from all over the world, and will soon launch our official online store over the next few weeks. From Indonesia to The Netherlands, and Egypt to the United States, The Dreamer's Alchemy is now an online international community for self development.

On behalf of The Dreamer's Alchemy Board of Directors, we are grateful to have each one of you as a member of our online community. Myself and the rest of the Board are eager to continue helping you all on the Path to Greatness.

Special thanks to:

Hamza Aziz - Chairman and CFO

Usman Qazi - CTO

Zeeshan Malik - Secretary

Adam Jandga - Member at Large

Stay grateful.

Commit Alchemy


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