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The Dreamer's Alchemy

Why "The Dreamer's Alchemy"?

Alchemy. The process of turning an ordinary rock into one of the most valuable pieces of matter: Gold. This mystical science has been the driving force of human advancement since the medieval age. All alchemists from East to West were unified in this seemingly impossible endeavor. They would constantly struggle and despair on how to get the procedure right. Most would fail, but the ones who prevailed understood one secret: in order to transform what is outside, one must transform what is inside. One must constantly improve, adapt, and conquer oneself with such vigor, such discipline, that maybe they are able to change the outside.

Every dreamer, whether man, woman, or child, must be an alchemist. Not an alchemist of rocks and gold per se, but of their heart, of their own soul. Every great human being whom we admire has never achieved their destiny without this alchemy. Whoever you may think of, whether Abraham, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, or Steve Jobs, just to name a few, all achieved greatness through the alchemy of their souls. They were all valiant dreamers from all walks of life. They all transformed the essence of their existence to become tremendously valuable to the world.

Just like they did, we all start off the same, as rocks. Each one of us has the ability to transform into gold; into true value for the world we live in. We all have the power to achieve our greatest destinies; our dreams. Unfortunately most people pass without achieving this, all because they did not transform themselves from rocks to gold. Each human being, whether reading this or not, deserves to be gold; deserves to be a dreamer of achieving their destiny.

A few years back, I began my humble journey of self-alchemy, and what I have learned and achieved has made me extremely grateful. From a shy, obese boy at 13 to a Southern California Tennis Champion and College Tennis Player at 18, it is unjust for me to keep what I have learned away from the world. I don't deserve any of my successes if I choose to arrogantly help myself while neglecting the world. I want to give back, one piece of writing at a time. Although my alchemy journey is not over, I want to help others achieve their dreams as I aim to achieve mine.

The world needs more uplifters, and I take the responsibility on myself to try to become one of them. I pray to God that through my journey, I can somehow help you achieve your dreams in any way, big or small. We all deserve to be alchemists; to be dreamers. I know you can achieve your dream. You were sent here to achieve it.


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