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The 1% of the One Percent

Influencers, celebrities, and people seen on TV. The One Percent.

While they have many things in common, here's one thing 99% of them have that will be highlighted here.

A huge ego.

They see themselves as gods, mainly due to the fact that we've subconsciously risen them to that status.

We often forget that they are just like us. They're not some special line of human beings. They all had similar beginnings like ours.

However, there is something that separates them from the average person in the 21st century.

Regardless of their character and view on man, God, and universe, almost all of these individuals worked hard to get to where they are now.

Everything I'm saying here is known.

You already know this information.

However, while 99% of famous people act that way, I'm here to focus on the 1% of the One Percent.

Those who comprise the 1% are the few who have strived for what they've attained but remain vigilant in their character and humble prowess.

I was honored to come across one of these individuals.

He exhibits exactly what The Dreamer's Alchemy strives to have its partners and supporters exhibit.

This individual is famous on TikTok. His videos have gone viral in the Muslim Community all over the globe and beyond.

He's a motivational speaker and speaks at events all over the United States.

He's memorized the whole Quran, has an aura of ease and can't stop cracking jokes. He can spit bars like no other when he raps, has money, and is an influencer. He even has his own team of managers for business inquiries.

Most famously, he is the next famous Muslim boxer the world will see.

In the span of 7 years when he first put on boxing gloves at the age of 21 till now at 28, he's won 10 professional boxing matches with 7 K.O.s.

His name is Muhsin Cason, AKA "The Muslim Boxer".

Based off of what I've mentioned of him, you'd think he has an ego.

He'd undoubtedly be one of those who look up to themselves. Wrong.

When I had the honor of meeting him, he had average workout clothes. He walked humbly and respectfully, and made sure that everyone who spoke to him felt welcome.

He had no security with him, no bodyguards of any sort.

This happened during an event in Ramadan at my mosque, the Islamic Society of Orange County.

We invited him to be a speaker for an event on raising awareness of Muslim suffering in the world, but then we asked him something else.

We requested he come before the event to speak to the youth; the young folks who will take on the mantle of our community.

I honestly thought he'd decline, but he agreed. He came early, and even helped us set up the room we would host him in.

Imagine that. Imagine a famous up and coming sports individual, such as Mohammad Salah 10 years ago. He's invited to a mosque, and comes early to help set up the room in which he will be hosted in. That's never been seen before.

Would you ever imagine someone from the One Percent to do that? No way. Moreover, we were bombarding him with questions and remarked on how amazing he is, but he kept on shying away from those remarks. He instead asked us how we were, how our lives were going, what endeavors we have.

See, the 1% of the One Percent do not want people to recognize them as gods. This special 1% would like to add more people into the One Percent and will do so whenever they have the chance.

There are some people who attain greatness because they want clout, and they end up getting what they strived for.

Good for them. They earned it.

But there are others who attain greatness to uplift those they come across as a result of their greatness. Muhsin Cason is one of those special people.

When it was my turn to speak to him, I mentioned my aspirations and current endeavors.

He genuinely listened and wanted to know how each endeavor was going.

Moreover, he told me something profound about these endeavors.

I'll begin to finish this article with what he said.

It was across the lines of "Listen. People will always put you down when you strive for things. The moment you strive and put in work and get results, people will think you're better than them, when you're really not. You're just like them, but you decided to ignore the hate and jealousy, and that made all the difference."

He continued.

"Believe it or not, I started trained and learning how to box 7 years ago when I was 21. I'm 28 now. I had so many people discourage me for good and bad means. Some people genuinely didn't want me to fail, and the rest didn't want me to succeed. You want to be a professional tennis player? Then do that. You wanna write? Then do that. You wanna make a difference in the world? Then do that. You say you wanna go pro? Then I better see you at Wimbledon. Don't just hit forehands and backhands, brotha. Hit them the best way you can. Work on all that boring stuff like your slice, your footwork, your serves, and pattern play. You need to know the ins and outs of whatever you'll strive for.

And when you get there, remain humble. It's God who grants the victories, not you and I. Just how He'll give you that Wimbledon trophy In Sha Allah (God Willing), He can take it from you, and more."

What Cason said shows how he's from the 1% of the One Percent.

Here at The Dreamer's Alchemy, we strive to not only attain the One Percent spot but become the 1% of that group.

While it may seem simple to do once you attain that spot, it's far from the case. All you have to do is become a hot shot in whatever community you're a part of, and you'll see how difficult it is to keep your head down. Imagine yourself then with all your dreams coming true and becoming a reality. It'll be almost impossible to keep your character when the world is in your hands.

In order to maintain your composure, you will need to have serious inner alchemic experiences.

Self-cultivation is key.

That's the only way you'll understand that it's not you who gives and takes. There's a higher power that does that.

Please that higher power by improving yourself and doing what pleases Him. If you've made it this far, I pray you not only become part of the One Percent, but the 1% of the One Percent.

Pursue Alchemy


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