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The Path of Calmness

Updated: May 20, 2023

Image by Thomas Rackow from Pixaby

"I love you”

Speak that verse again

“I love you”

Speak that verse again!

“I love you”

You didn’t hear yourself

Speak that verse again!

You spoke that verse.

But upon the first word, “I”

You did the opposite; you did the reverse.

One must bestow love within one’s self

Before he desires love from others.

One must fully understand the gift that lies in one’s heart

Indeed! The heart is a gift from the Rabb.

Embrace this gift, O lover.

From the gift that lies within one’s true heart.

Brings calmness and ease.

True love is the path of calmness,

bliss and the breeze which speaks peace."

Explanation: The poem discusses how before one looks to seek love from another. He must first believe to love himself. This could be interpreted by a reader to mean having to be happy or content with himself. And to find this way is to look deep within oneself!


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