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The Lover’s Odyssey

This story is a series of short poems which circulate around a historic quest of an unfortunate lover. This lover travels all across the world in the harshest of conditions to find his lost love. During this quest he describes the different emotions of “Harrowing love” or the “Ill-Fated love”. On his quest; he searches for truth that he hopes upon could end off these inducing feelings. For he is chained and in enduring pain, desperate for a cure.

In the name of the Rabb,

I start,

For He is the one who created Love,

For He is the One who enshrines the Lovers their love.

For love can be one’s greatest blessing.

Or one’s reckoning curse.

Ya Rabb, Save us from that Curse.

Ya Rabb; enshrine the blessings of love.

For we cannot reminisce about the harrowing love.

For many have cried in its name

For many have died in its name.

Ya Rabb, save us, We cry to you to save us.

From the tragedy of love.

For your people are weak

And you; the All-Mighty, All-Knowing.

I feel no pain

My Love, I walk barefoot on this sharp unruly road,

I feel no pain.

Yet, Pain lives in me,

For my hands in chains.

Anguish is locked within my heart.

I cry to you to break these locks.

For It has been suffocating me since the day It heard you depart.

I vigorously walk,

to step only on melting rocks.

Yet, I feel no pain.

For pain cannot hurt a lover,

For he has fell in love with the pain thy beloved.

For he has fell in love with the tear he sheds reminiscing his beloved.

O, he is in agony

Hear this man.

To Dear Beloved.

Walking the world

I have walked the deserts of Arabia.

I have walked the strifeful mountains of Kashmir.

Yet, you are not found!

Where do you reside?, O beloved!

Guide this traveler with your sound.

He talked to mystics and Holy men,

Yet they cannot guide

Only you the lover, be it, my tears,

For the soul can only be guided by the one, for whom he has cried.

Beloved, do not let him live in despair.

For You!

Are the only, his heart confides.

Died a thousand times

The lover is alive,

But has died a thousand times.

The lover has breath.

But struggles to breath his every breath.

Upon each breath he forsakes.

Written in his tongue lies Your name.

His tongue twists when hears Your name proclaim.

The Lover does see,

Yet when he closes his eyes,

Your eyes appear scouring his night’s restless strain.

He sleeps in vain.

The lover has taste.

But sweet tasted bitter.

All tasted the same,

Is he sane?

The lover is alive,

But has died a thousand times.

Don’t leave me Beloved

Don’t leave me Beloved,

I have left the castle

And became a hermit overnight.

For you my Love,

Take me where you go,

I accept the plight.

I have left the worldly,

To be with You,

For wealth cannot exhibit,

For love is the soul’s greatest fruit.

I have traveled on foot through the valleys,

Only to see Your sight,

For my heart,

Is all yours to write.

It begs you a vow,

Can you spell it right?

That you never leave him,

Devastated he’ll be,

For tearful and restless, will be his nights.

Discovery in me?

I never knew.

I was a serious man,

But love turned me into a fool.

A new person.

That person inside of me that

I never knew.

An intelligent man,

But a victim to this ruse.

I now travel the world shackled!

Only if she knew.

The Court of Love

lover in despise,

The lover reluctant in pain,

Did he deserve this not?

For she must stand in the court of love.

And bear witness to it all.

Say to him that his love, was fallacy,

For that shall be his fall.

But he loved truly,

And in the court, truth is what is praised upon.

End of the Odyssey

I reached upon the gates of Damascus.

Lived a great Sage that says to have the remedy.

For which he told me the loss of the beloved shall always remain a calamity

“For he must fall in love with the calamity, to end all enmity;”

Hearing this; my shackles opened,

My odyssey I renounce!

I came back to sanity.

Odyssey I remind

“On the edge of Minaret Isa, I now pronounce

Odyssey I remind,

Odyssey I traveled through the limelight,

She my love, I’ve forgotten,

Yet in my heart, my voice in me I now hear, A new chapter begotten,

Peace and harmony, now I hear,

My quest through the treacherous valleys that I fear.

Thou, In this luck! The shackles have fallen.

But without this luck, would I have ever saw within?

Thou, I would have fallen

For falling in love with the Calamity, is the truth of the path we walk upon,

And upon that truth, lies the ultimate message we are locked upon,

Thou nothing can change the loss, for the future is all we can set upon,

And upon this journey of the future lies the million stars and million hearts.

But it is that love, that the word begins, for hearts cannot be twined when the truth is not set upon.

For now the seasons have changed

And the weather delight

With my new profound love of within,

Rabb, Thank you, The Almighty, for being the guide.”


John Lee
John Lee

very splendid work from an amazing artist

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