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My Beloved! Be so Confident, They Call You Cocky!

"Khalid, you want to do something? Then go do it! Tell it to the world and own it with all your heart. Be so confident, they call you cocky!"

Her words still echo in my ears till today.

What you are about to read has truly come from the depths of my soul. I wrote this for myself during my times of woeful despair, and I want to share it with you. You are more than welcome to always come back here to read this again during the most painful and enduring parts of your journey.

Beware, for this very well may be one of the most uplifting writings you will ever come across in your life. Viewer discretion is advised.

Who cares about what they may say?

Who cares about what they may think?

I want you to tell something to yourself right now, oh fellow soul in despair, wherever you may be in the world right now. Proclaim it to the world, and own it!

Proclaim, "I'm GOING to achieve my dreams! I'm GOING to prove the haters wrong! I'm GOING to be one of the greatest inspirations this world has ever seen!"

It doesn't matter if you're rock bottom. The only way now is UP.

Say it my beloved, for you have the fire raging inside you to tackle every single obstacle standing in your way.

Your family is waiting for you to inspire them. Your friends are waiting for you to lead them. The News Channels are waiting to put your name on the headlines. The Journalists are waiting to write about you. The little school boys and school girls are waiting to cheer your name. The world, with all its glory and creation, is waiting for you to be its hero!

So what is it, oh worthy one? What is it keeping you by the shackles of your mind? Why do you let negative thoughts bury your soul in darkness when it was made to illuminate the world?

My beloved, wherever you may be dwelling on this noble planet, I implore you to get up. Stand with full posture and might, for you are loved.

If not by anyone your eyes may find, then know with full conviction that it is I who loves you so dearly! It is I who proclaims to the deepest depths of your soul, that you are loved!

I love you, my beloved.

I want to see you out in the world, transforming its destruction into construction, and despair into hope!

Oh beloved, what is keeping you from showing the world who you truly are? It breaks my heart to know that you, with all your magnificent potential, choose to bury your greatest passions.

Stand up, I order you! Proclaim to yourself and the world that you are GREAT!

Prove the haters wrong! Aid those in despair! Be an inspiration to the world!

My beloved, I am standing beside you! I will be with you every step of the way! I want you to achieve your wildest dreams!

Haven't you come across Steve Jobs' famous proclamation? Haven't you heard him say "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do,"?

So be one of the crazy ones! It matters not if you aren’t full of youthful talent! Haven't you seen those with talent but no hard work lose to those with hard work but no talent? My dearest friend, I proclaim to you that it is POSSIBLE!

Those who don't believe in you don't have to see what you see! They don't have to feel what you feel! It doesn't matter if they say no. Do it, regardless!

You are your dream. Risk it all for your dream!

My beloved, it doesn't matter where you are right now on your journey. It doesn't matter how far or close you are to your dream! What matters is your perseverance! Stay at it! Never give up! Your potential is beyond your comprehension!

So step out into the world with full confidence and proclaim, "I'm GOING to achieve my dreams! I'm GOING to prove the haters wrong! I'm GOING to be one of the greatest inspirations this world has ever seen!"

My beloved! Be so confident, they call you cocky!


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