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A Fresh Start

”And by the time (I swear). Indeed, the human being is in loss." - Suratul Asr, The Chapter of Time, The Glorious Quran

We all want to feel fresh, new, and pure.

In a society where we’re being seemingly forced to consume every fast food, binge watch every Netflix original, and party all night in meaninglessness, there’s a necessity for a crisp new endeavor. A new beginning in which we fill up our time in purpose and meaning.

One of the most crisp and pure feelings we can experience is the feeling of giving ourselves a fresh start.

Most people constantly carry the burden of past mistakes on their shoulders, often forgetting that the past has already happened, a window in time which cannot be altered.

There’s only one window in time we can alter the way we want. It’s the one thing we have everyday in which we can use as a fresh start: waking up to a new day and being fully consumed in the present moment.

Each day we wake up is a fresh start. A fresh start to learn from the mistakes of yesterday, and to patiently manifest the lessons we’ve learned from them (Some people who read my work may know this concept as self-realization).

To take each day as a new life; as a rebirth.

It’s as if you’re given another chance to prove who you really are; to show yourself what you’re truly made of.

To cultivate your truest qualities at heart, and maintain them with patience.

Don’t think that Alchemists and Dreamers are constantly in a state of self-improvement without ever being in a state of self-realization. If that were the case, they wouldn’t be able to improve.

Think about it. How would someone be able to effectively improve oneself without sitting themselves down at the end of the day to contemplate, reaffirm and realize why they're embarking on their journey, and then start fresh the next day?

Often times we look at people who‘ve made themselves into a huge success and think that they’ve gone from zero to hero in one go.

But that’s never the case. No one has ever made it from zero to hero, and even if someone was close, they’d always mentally pause, wake up to a new day, and give themselves a fresh start. They'd be true to themselves and embark on their journey with a recharged sense of patience.

We live in a societal façade of impatience and lies. We only see the success, and not the constant setbacks and failures which people use as stepping stones to achieve that success.

We think that success is somehow achievable without patiently bearing failures and setbacks while being true to ourselves and our goal.

Ask anyone who's "made it" and they'll tell you that these concepts of patience and truth have been key on their journey.

And in order to maintain heed to these concepts is to constantly use time in a way that gives them a fresh start.

A huge part of the journey to achieving your dreams is to rest on a stone next to your path, contemplate your right and wrong decisions, go to sleep, and wake up the next day with a fresh start, embarking on your journey in a more wise, meaningful, and true vision.

Only then will you fully achieve your dreams. Only then will you live your life in a fresh, new, and pure way.

Give yourself that fresh start.

”And by the time (I swear). Indeed, the human being is in loss. Except those who believed and did righteous deeds, and advised each other to truth, and advised each other to patience." - 103:1-3

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