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About Us

        We, The Dreamer’s Alchemy Team, welcome you to our international motivational blog and brand, The Dreamer’s Alchemy! Khalid Alsadek is the CEO and editor-in-chief, and Zeeshan Malik is chief secretary.

           We truly believe that writing is a great tool. It is cultivated by one, very simple instrument. This instrument has been the reason why progress, morality, and gratitude has still prevailed in the world we know today. With it, we have brought up new empires, held the line to defend universal truths, and replaced those unworthy for power, with those who have the good for their people at heart. All religious traditions have advocated for the usage of this incredible tool, because as mentioned above, it can bring endless possibilities to this world. This instrument is the pen.

           Unlike those who write for selfish, greedy, and evil objectives, we aim to write solely for the goodness of humanity. And what is humanity? What makes us great? It is the power to use our thoughts to achieve anything we imagine. From pieces of metal to a car, or from a poor boy to a head of state, our will gives us endless possibilities to our lives. In our journeys to achieve our purpose, our alchemy, we want to help YOU achieve yours as well. We believe that the true purpose of oneself is not complete until what they do to uplift themselves, uplifts humanity around them as a beautiful result.

           For this blog we will write from our hearts to you, the world. In our writing we will share what we have learned so far on our journeys to achieve our dreams. We can learn and benefit not only from ourselves, but from anyone we learn about or come across in our adventures. We pray that through our writing, our usage of the pen, that we can inspire, motivate, and benefit you in some way. May peace be upon you.

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